Integrating Data

For integrating information captured by multiple management systems to provide a single view of your technology environment,IT management systems, trouble ticket software, and discovery tools. With Operations Center’s directional access to many of the underlying management systems, where you can perform actions against monitored systems, such as acknowledging or closing an alarm. and control IT resources as a seamless component of the IT and business environment.As a strategy, integration is the first step toward transforming data into meaningful and valuable information.

Integration of data includes:-

Management of Technology Resources. 

Relate data from multiple management systems to understand how one component of an environment impacts other components. Its development implies maximizing the positive impacts of technological  development

Performance of Services Supported by the Technology. 

Align the integrated data to specific business offers a powerful set of transformation processes for meeting an array of business imperatives

Responsiveness to Events in the Technology Environment

Translate the integrated data into a consistent set of monitoring and reporting metrics available to managers across the organization.